What’s this sorcery?

This page functions as a research blog primarily concerned with the Scandinavian urban and spatial studies. The purpose the page will be to discuss and reflect on problems, breakthroughs, ideas and obstacles concerning my ongoing research projects.

My name is Peter Bennesved and just recently I was employed by Umeå University as a doctorate student in the field of History of Science and Ideas with a focus on Digital Humanities. Up to this point I have primarily been concerned about the Cold War era in my theses with a focus on Civil defence and shelter building practices in urban environments (my work on the subject so far, you can find as a downloadable PDF here.).  My dissertation project will be a elaboration of the same topic, but this time with a wider chronological approach. Beginning at the 1930s and ending in the 2010s, I will study how the idea of the bomb shelter has changed over the 20th century and constrast that with the actual use of shelters by citizens in Sweden. Ultimately, the dissertation will desciribe the history of shelters from the introduction of concrete material during the early 20th century to Cold War nostalgia in the digital world 2014.

If you want to come in contact with me I propose you send me an email to peter.bennesved[at-symbol]umu.se , or send me a tweet to @Bennesved